The first meeting of the American Turners-Northwest Chicago Women’s Auxiliary was held in 1956 at the Austin Park Field House. The first president of the Auxiliary was elected at this meeting. It was Alvina Friese.

The current president is Gloria Pechous.The officers at this time for the Auxiliary are: President - Gloria Pechous, Vice-President - Lillian Augustin, Asst. Vice President - Maureen Meyer, Recording Secretary - Shirley Scopek, Financial Secretary - Barbara Gebhardt, Corresponding Secretary - Evelyn Schultz, Treasurer - Lucille Bothfeld.

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month from September thru May at 3825 N. Willow Road, Schiller Park, Illinois. Dues are $5.00 per year. At the recent American Turners National Convention, the National Auxiliary dissolved. We are continuing on with our Auxiliary without any National allegiance.

The first donation to the Society from the Auxiliary was the purchase of the bleachers for our gymnasium on Belmont Avenue. The most recent donation was the purchase of the new counter top cabinet for our meeting room. In the interim they donated on a yearly basis since 1956 one to four thousand dollars per year. Early, these donations were used to help reduce the mortgage on our property. The fund raisers included a Bazaar for many years. The ladies would work every Tuesday during the winter making items for sale. There were also several Craft Fairs and Bake Sales. The total monies donated to the Society and Building was in the neighborhood of $100,000. The Auxiliary has been a right arm to the Society.

Past Presidents

Alvina Friese Viola Ernst
Annette Kempcke Marie Pehlke
Louise Ellinger Evelyn Wilson
Myrtle Braunsdorf Dorothy Garfinkle
Clara Zweifel Dorothy Martin
Judi Sachman Gloria Pechous

Charter Members of the Auxillary

Eve Eisentraut, Lois Frantz, Mary Gulia, Dorothy Harris, Elizabeth Hegedus, LaVerne Hirsch, Annette Kempke, Florence Sonnenleiter, Ellen Strictert, Ann Trankle, Eleanor Weber, Paula Witt, Clara Zweifel.

40 Years
Bettylou Barts, Gladys Bielawa, Lucille Bothfeld, Meta Elste, Muriel Friese, Barbara Gebhardt, Karen Makris, Ann Nurnburg, Ruth Rieger, Pauline Sanders, Fern Schmidt.

25 Years
Lila Mae Bornhoeft, Patty Danly, Charlene Gebhardt, Virginia Green, Bev Husser, Dorothy Janssens, Marge Klemm, Lil McLain, Bernice O’Brien,Gloria Pechous, Evelyn Schultz, Mary Zoerner, Marilyn Blassick, Donna Litza, Toni Hain, Mary LoBianco, Bettyann Neumann.

Northwest Auxiliary
and it's officers:

President - Gloria Pechous
Vice President - Lillian Augustin
Asst. Vice President - Maureen Meyer
Secretary - Shirley Skopec
Treasurer - Lucille Bothfeld
Financial Secretary - Barbara Gebhardt
Corresponding Secretary - Evelyn Schultz

May we ever be mindful of the purpose, companionship and good times of the past and of the future.

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